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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Ready For Fathers Day?

Fathers day is coming quicker than many of you realize, you might not realize it is getting close to the end of May already. The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 19th in the state of Washington, I never realized Fathers Day was 58 years after the first Mother’s Day. There are more than 70 million fathers in the United States alone, and Fathers Day has been celebrated in the United States in June since 1910.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Under Twenty-Five Dollars

  • Engraved Pocket Knife
  • Fathers Day Tee Shirts
  • Etched Glass Catchall Tray
  • Man Snacks Treat Jar
  • Multi-Photo Color Changing Mug
  • Mens Snack Bucket
  • Frosted Beer Mugs
  • Personalizsed Golf Balls
  • Photo And Message Golf Balls

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Under Fifty Dollars

  • Entertainment Beverage Tub
  • Savory Snack Gift Box
  • King Of The Grill Seven Piece Barbecue Set
  • Canvas And Suede Travel Set
  • Leather Engraved Journal
  • Embroided Golf Towel
  • Personalized Gadget Key Chain
  • Simply Nuts Gift Tray
  • Golf Link Toppers Set
  • Ready To Go Leather Tech Organizer

best family gift ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Under One-Hundred Dollars

  • Leather Watch Box And Storage Valet
  • Ten Piece Golf Travel Set
  • Picnic Backpack
  • Men’s Five Star Plush Robe
  • Men’s Shaving Kit
  • Gold Embossed Charging Dock
  • Canvas And Suede Anti-Theft Travel Tour Bag
  • Year To Remember Money Clip
  • Year To Remember Half Dollar Pocket Watch
  • Ceramic Liquor Decanter

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Over One-Hundred Dollars

  • Canvas And Suede Anti-Theft Travel Backpack
  • Backyard Bar Wooden Beverage Cooler
  • Premier Craft Brew Kit
  • Twenty-Nine Inch Oversize Teak Succulent Centerpiece
  • Signature Fruit And Sweets And Nut Basket
  • Ultimate Gifts To Share
  • Flavors of American Gift Basket
  • Ultimate Organic Gift Basket

You can find these Fathers Day gifts and many more by shopping @, so maybe you would rather spend time with your father instead of spending a ton of money on him for things he really does not need or want. For those of you who are interested in possible Fathers Day activities Country Living Magazine recommends these ideas for you.

  • Let’s Take Dad Fishing
  • Breakfast With Dad
  • Golfing With Dad
  • How About A Surprise Fathers Day Cookout
  • You Could Make A Project With Your Dad
  • Take Good Ol Dad On A Moutain Bike Adventure
  • Bruch With Dad
  • June Is A Good Time For Car Shows
  • White Water Adventure Might Be Fun With Your Dad
  • Canoeing The Lake
  • Fathers Day Surprise Massage Spa Trip
  • Fathers Day Concert
best family gift ideas
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Fathers Day Free Admission Hotpots

  • Montgomery Zoo In Alabama
  • Legoland Discovery Center In Arkansas
  • Big Rock Fun Park In Arkansas
  • San Francisco Persidio Kite Festival In California
  • Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery In Colorado
  • Brownstone Exploration And Discovery Park In Connecticut
  • Kanapaha Botanical Gardens In Florida
  • Leu Gardens In Florida
  • Florida Aquarium
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Barbecue Buffet And Free AHA Mele Concerts In Hawaii
  • Koa Camps In Idaho
  • Field Of Dreams In Iowa
  • Washington Park In Indiana
  • Sunset Zoo In Kentucky
  • Baton Rouge Koa Camp In Louisiana
  • Scenic Train Ride In Maine
  • Bowes Marketplace In Maryland
  • Franklin Park Zoo In Massachusetts
  • Heritage Museums And Gardens In Massachusetts
  • Potter Park Zoo In Michigan
  • St Paul Museum In Minnesota
  • Meridan East Camping In Mississippi
  • The Horesles Carriage Club In Missouri
  • Free Fishing Days In Montana
  • Strategic Air Command And Aerospace Museum In Nebraska
  • Stewart’s Fathers Day Bowwow In Nevada
  • Canobie Lake Park In New Hampshire
  • Morey’s Piers In New Jersey
  • I Play American In New Jersey
  • Sahara Sam’s In New Jersey
  • Mid-Houston Children Museum In New York
  • Martin’s Fantasy Island In New York
  • Adventure Landing In North Carolina
  • Art And Wine Walk In North Dakota
  • The Beach Waterpark In Ohio
  • Tuttle Ice Cream Festival In Oklahoma
  • I Spark Toys In Oregon
  • Pittsburgh Zoo In Pennsylvania
  • Splash Lagoon In Pennsylvania
  • Sandcastle Waterpark In Pennsylvania
  • Providence Children’s Museum In Rhode Island
  • Museum Of Natural History And Planetarium In Rhode Island
  • Rays Splash Planet In South Carolina
  • Bramble Park Zoo In South Dakota
  • Nashville Land Motor Museum In Tennessee
  • Dads-Dogs And Cars In Texas
  • Chalk Art Festival In Utah
  • Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival In Vermont
  • Boardwalk Art Show In Virgina
  • Mountain State Cruisers Classic Car Show In West Virgina
  • Sixth United States Infantry Living History In Wyoming
  • Museum Of Flight In Washington
  • Mulberry Lane Farm In Wisconsin

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What Is On My Mind Today?

From my own experience often shopping for my father has been very difficult for me, I have purchased most of the gift types which were the best choices for my own father by now. The older your father becomes the more of a challenge finding the perfect gift for Fathers Day can be, so maybe spending time sharing your dad’s favorite hobby or taking him to an event which he would enjoy is a better gift for your father.

8 thoughts on “Fathers Day Gift Ideas

  1. You’ve covered a lot of great gift ideas for Fathers Day here. Thank you.

    I especially like your suggestion of taking Dad out to one of those free admission hotspots. Great idea!


    1. Hello Marion
      I am happy you enjoyed my Father’s Day ideas, I was just trying to give people some ideas
      to make their father’s Father’s Day extra special this year.

  2. Hi Jeff, what a great post!
    I’m always stuck for Father’s day gifts and usually just end up going for garden stuff. My Dad loves gnomes, but has way too many , he has no room left in his garden for any more ha ha.

    But, I love the convenient way you have listed your item in price ranges as it makes it so much easier to pick something. You really have given me some inspiration for a gift this year, and I will forward this post to my brother and sister so they too can get him something different.

    I don’t live in the stares, so cannot take him out to any of those great looking free places to visit but we do have many similar paces with free admission here in the UK 🙂

    1. Hello Stefanie,
      I appreciate you visiting my website and reading my Father’s Day post, I know from my own experience
      shopping for my father is a challenge since he now is in his 80’s with poor health. Gardening used
      to be the gift type I could always fall back on for my father, but now he is not able to even


  3. Hi Jeff. Great post. Boy it seems like time is moving so fast. I didn’t realize Mother’s day and Father’s day was only 58 days apart.
    I know when I was younger, my dad was collecting the Coke a Cola things like bottles and collectible plates. But I have to agree now that he is getting older it is getting harder to find things to buy for him. However, I think spending a nice day together going out to eat and maybe going fishing are ideas I really think he would enjoy.
    Thank you for the suggestions.

    1. Hello Melissa
      I am happy my post motivated you to start thinking about Father’s Day,
      it is a fact as our parents become elderly finding gifts for them is
      much more of a challenge.

      Spending time with them might be the best gift to give them,

  4. I am struggling to find a gift for my husband and his father. Unfortunately, my Dad is no longer around. These are all some really great ideas. You gave me some spurs of inspiration with the canoeing idea. I think that may be a great idea as a combination gift for the two of them together. Or perhaps a day fishing trip. Think that could be something they both could enjoy. Think I will talk to our kids and plan something we can do from all of us. Thank you!

    1. Hello Christina
      Men are the most difficult to purchase for other then seniors,
      so we must become more creative with activities they would

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